LL shot some video Tuesday night, first at Patrick Mara‘s campaign HQ, then at Carol Schwartz central, before heading down to the Board of Elections and Ethics for the late-night voting fiasco.

Let’s begin with the Mara video, shot early in the evening before results came in. By 8:15 p.m., several dozen had gathered at Mara HQ at 6th and K Streets NW, including D.C. Chamber of Commerce head Barbara Lang and several of her colleagues, restaurant lawyer Andrew J. Kline, consultant and Board of Trade-r David Julyan, and Ward 8 Republican rabble-rouser Cardell Shelton. Upstairs, guests dined on crabcakes and other noshes from Clyde’s, while waiting for their candidate to emerge from his private quarters below.

Also of note: Incumbent Carol Schwartz has deemed Mara’s candidacy a conspiracy hatched by fellow at-large councilmember David A. Catania, a former Republican and longtime Schwartz-hater. The scene on Tuesday night did nothing to knock down those rumors: No fewer than five Catania staffers were present and wearing Mara T-shirts.


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