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*School recess outsourced? Turns out, yes, according to the Washington Post. In the past two years, principals at 14 elementary and middle schools in the District have brought in non-profit recess instructors to teach and run games, and supervise the kids. “Knowing how to play in a healthy way is not an innate skill. It’s learned,” says the organization’s leader. Sounds fun.

*A homeless, scavenging polar bear visits Columbia Heights! Okay, it was a piece of art. But, let’s not forgot the plight of real polar bears, says Joe Pouliot, director of climate and policy communications for the World Wildlife Fund.”Polar bears are losing their homes. They live on Arctic sea ice, and it’s melting,” Pouliot tells the Washington Post. “It’s not much of a stretch to say that we face an epidemic of polar bear homelessness.” DCist speculates about the bear too. Apparently, it has been making the rounds in D.C.

*Slate praises Meghan McCain: “Young, pretty, and tech-savvy, she’s a tremendous asset, because she’s got a better feel for the way the campaign news cycle works in this era than lots of highly paid strategists. Watch her freely volunteer that, yep, her dad uses that “lipstick on a pig expression,” too—she knows that footage will always come back to haunt you. Or see her deftly put away a query about whether it’s hurtful when people mock her father’s age by laughing “He IS old!”

*”Politicians Lie, Numbers Don’t: And the numbers show that Democrats are better for the economy than Republicans,” Michael Kinsley writes for Slate.

*Brian Beutler, the blogger that got shot in Adams Morgan, is back on the job. “As many of you probably know by now, about two months ago I robbed three bullets of their deadly momentum… and somehow found myself in the hospital as a result.”

*The Post’s fashion insert, FW, debuts on Monday night at the Georgetown home of Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn. Fishbowl snaps a few photos of the not terribly dapper crowd.