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* In 2003, Slate’s Jack Shafer counted how many times Bill O’Reilly had used the phrase “shut up” on his show. Now, he counts the many ways that O’Reilly claims he rarely uses the phrase “shut up”—-and recaps O’Reilly’s best shut up moments:

Remember how you wistfully recalled your father telling you to shut up when you were a boy (Sept. 17, 1999) or the time you asked an atheist Eagle Scout why he didn’t “just shut up” about his atheism when asked (Oct. 30, 2002)? Or the times you told “Canadians” (April 16, 2003), “Swedes” (Nov. 20, 2002), “loyal Americans” (Feb. 27, 2003), “spin-meisters” (Nov. 9, 2000), Clinton “partisans” (Feb. 4, 1999), the two political parties (Aug. 15, 2003), gay celebrities (March 21, 2001), and other folks who want to talk about sex to just shut up?

* Via WTOP: What “award-winning actor” is “campaigning for kids in D.C.“? Hint: not Mario Lopez this time.

* Palin e-mails pwned. Yahoo, dude? Really?

* New Columbia Heights posts a photo of an eviction notice at the neighborhood’s Carvel/Cinnabon shop:

My buddy sent me this picture at about 5:30 pm on Wednesday, showing Carvel’s eviction notice. I went by at about 6:15 and it was gone. . . . They recently received the coffee making equipment from the closed Mayorga coffee shop next door, so who knows what’s happening with that. And it might just be some sort of dispute between tenant and landlord that they’ll work out.

* Do you like luxury? Brightest Young Things plays style judge at the Washington Post‘s new Fashion Washington magazine launch party: “A pretty tent was set up in the garden, there was glittery black mulch (!) on the floor and pink, flattering lights everywhere (the whole black and pink thing always scares me because it makes me scream “Hot Topic” very loudly inside my head, but it worked here)”

* And in this newspaper:

Angela Valdez on the story behind the murder of an Afghan-American woman from Woodbridge, Va.

Mike DeBonis on the Carol Schwartz fallout.

Dave McKenna: In order for local triathletes to finish the race, they gotta get in the Potomac.

Tim Carman serves up yummy news bites on Red Sage, the forthcoming H Street Country Club, and $8 glasses of mediocre juice.

CP launches its new real estate blog: Housing Complex by staff writer Ruth Samuelson

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