Salon reports on how Sarah Palin’s development initiatives in Wasilla fouled her own nest. And on Obama’s need for Hispanic voters.

An autopsy confirms that the prisoner found dead in a PG county jail—after allegedly killing a cop—was the victim of homicide. Strangulation, to be exact, “possibly with a sheet, a towel or the “crux of the elbow.”” Still no word into the investigation.

From Politico: Palin gets dissed by anit-Iran rally organizers.

From the list-serves: Local Guardian Angels want to force stores to stop selling the “get money hoody,” a sweatshirt with a hood that zips all the way over the face. Good luck with that.

Wired tries to make sense of the new Microsoft ads. Conclusion: too much money for not enough pizzazz. And dump Jerry.

Ben Kingsley does Ian MacKaye. OMG.