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Oh heavens! Someone is blocking the bike lane in front of me! Quick! Let me take a photo and blog it!

Seriously, fellow cyclists, you know why people think we’re weenies?
1) The clothes. For Pete’s sake, yellow lycra?
2) The incessant whining.

Look, “Share the Road” goes both ways. I don’t like whooshing into traffic to avoid a double-parked UPS truck, but I can also chalk that up to the price you pay for being able to get a goddamn package from this place. For every oblivious a-hole trolling for a parking spot at 5 mph there is a hard-working tradesperson who needs a quick in and out on a busy street.

Living in a city means making tradeoffs. In our nonstop complaining about being forced to veer around cars’ blind spots, I think we’re developing a major one of our own. Personally, I think bikes are a much better way to get around town than cars, no matter the weather, and I bloody hate when someone’s parked in the bike lane. But we are a tiny percentage of the vehicular population in D.C., and I think it’s time we stopped acting like that gives us superpowers. Let it go and just ride.

Photo by Flickr user tvol