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I’m processing with a dose of skepticism the news that gamers are fitter than the Average American:

It’s been a good week for video gamers and a bad week for stereotypes of video gamers, apparently. Earlier we wrote about a study talking about how video gamers were actually quite social, and now a new study suggests that online gamers are more physically fit than your average American (perhaps not saying much). No one seems to think that there’s a causal relationship here, as it may just be that video gamers tend to be wealthier and more educated — who also tend to be in better shape. There’s also the issue that this appears to be based on self-reported stats, which may not be that accurate. Still, it appears that studies are starting to chip away at the stereotype of the overweight, social loner video gamer.

I ain’t saying it ain’t true, only that the study contradicts what I remember from my first year of college, when I locked myself in my dorm with the PC version of GTA III: Vice City and 300 lbs. of Ramen noodles. Man, did I get fat. And awkward. At one point—fearful that I would develop the computer chair equivalent to bed sores— my cool roommate dragged my unfit ass to a frat party where I clung to the walls until someone forced me into a conversation, during which I said something really inappropriate about butt sex and was asked to leave the premises.