According to the Sports Bog, some end-zone crazies at yesterday’s Skins game were chanting “We Want Dallas! We Want Dallas!”

As a life-long Redskins fan, who started chanting “We want Dallas!” in his elementary school cafeteria, I can say with certainty that I personally Do Not Want Dallas. I want no part of Marion Barber and Terrell Owens. I know we played them respectably last year. But it was also incredibly frustrating—especially this game. So far this year, the Skins have won two squeakers to pretty weak opponents. The Saints are inconsistent. And the Cardinals? Please.

There are a few teams that make up the upper-ranks of the NFL right now and the Cowboys are one of those teams. They play on a different level than the Skins. The Skins have to get lucky. If it’s a 3rd and 7, they’ll either get 8 yards or five. The Cowboys just make big plays. The Skins made a huge play yesterday that got called back. [Forgive the rather lame analysis—I’m no McKenna!].

So please, sports talk pundits: Do not say the key to the game is pressuring Romo. We don’t pressure anybody. The key to the game is honestly hoping the the Cowboys have a total meltdown and our QB has the game of his life.