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  • Hard to believe, but apparently true: “Woman slain after refusal to cook hamburger,”  the Washington Post reports. The incident took place near Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens. 
  • It’s been a year since the DeOnte Rawlings shooting. The Washington Post‘s Courtland Milloy has heard Officer James Haskell‘s version of what happened that day. “Haskell’s account, which absolves him, is by no means definitive or necessarily accurate. Lattimer calls it “nonsensical.” But it’s his version, which the public should hear.”
  • Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke go to Capitol Hill to ask congress to pass their bailout plan. The New York Times writes: “In blunt terms, Mr. Bernanke warned the senators that if they failed to pass the $700 billion plan, they risked causing a recession, increasing joblessness and pushing more homes into foreclosure.” Pardon? We’re not in a recession already?
  • GQ has published the absolute best story about Alaska you probably haven’t read. No Sarah Palin. A tiny mention of Wasilla. A lot of men. A lot of alcoholism. Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold. 
  • Who cares what the presidential candidates say? We’re not listening anyway, according to Slate’s The Big Sort. “We gather with like-minded others, and we listen to confirm our pre-existing beliefs. We don’t look for enlightenment, only for confirmation.”