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We at City Desk have been promoting, er, reporting on the squabble between Vinny Cerrato and Jason La Canfora for most of the year.

Vinny, the Redskins chief executive (his real title is so long one risks carpal tunnel typing it) and Jason, the spurned beat reporter, used to keep their dysfunctional dealings a little closeted.

Basically, you could boil their relationship down to: Vinny wouldn’t respond to any of Jason’s questions, even for the puffiest of pieces, and then Jason would prominently place a sentence amid the puffery to jab Vinny and let readers know the team’s jack of all bad trades wasn’t playing nice.

But now, following Lindsay and Samantha’s lead, Vinny and Jason have gone public with their feelings for each other.

It’s on, people!

On Monday, Vinny used his new radio show to accuse Jason — by name — of narcing on the Redskins to NFL officials in hopes of getting the team tagged with a tampering charge. Vinny’s charge got some fans riled up to send Jason hate mail and initiate a campaign to have him canned from his job.

Jason responded to his attackers in kind. In an email response to one hater posted yesterday on Dan Snyder’s message board, Extremeskins.com, Jason denied any snitchery, and said “Cerrato is lying” and “making a mockery of fact and reality and trying to play people for fools.”

“Its pathetic attempt to slander me, but not surprising in the least given who it is coming from,” Jason wrote, sics and all.


By next year, one way or another, we’ll see that this town ain’t big enough for the both of ’em.

And it’s Dallas Week!