Yesterday, LL posited that Nationals Park is on the cusp of being the worst attended new ballpark in 25 years.

Make that beyond the cusp.

Last night, 20,657 paid to see the Nats beat the Marlins, meaning barely half the stadium’s seats were sold. According to the AP game report, that’s “a new low in the first season of Nationals Park.”

Let’s rechug the numbers. Now, to beat the 2003 debut season of Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark, the Nats will have to draw 58,159 over the next two games. That’s 29,080 a game! Against the now-playoff-ineligible Marlins! And it’s going to rain tomorrow!

Oh, and if you haven’t read the Washington Times‘ takedown of Ted Lerner yet, read it. Now.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery