This morning in the park surrounding the Dupont Circle fountain flocks of pigeons and other winged creatures seemed to be very interested in a pile of fleshy-looking stuff in the grass. This appeared to be gross. From my spot on a bench, I couldn’t figure out what it was the birds were munching on. This appeared to need a closer inspection.

There in the grass: a ginormous pile of authentic (to my eye) glazed Krispy Kremes, some of them sprinkled and frosted, their frosted parts sticking together in a congealed mass.

Birds everywhere where flying to and from with hunks of glazed doughnuts in their beaks. Squirrels scampered off with sticky bits of dough in their jaws. How could this happen? Is Krispy Kreme dumping their unwanted goods in the middle of Dupont Circle?

“We dump them in the trash right outside our door,” says Mercedes, a manager at the Krispy Kreme just off the circle at 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW. “People come after we’re closed and take them sometimes.” The store/bakery is not allowed to donate their extras, she says, so they dump what they can’t sell. Whatever happens from there is not their responsibility. So, take note: If you want some old Krispy Kremes before the pigeons get to them, hang out at the trash around 11 p.m. Consider this yet one more service provided to you by City Desk.

(photo by pohacco20)