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Just watching the Daily Show here, and, in one of those occasional swings at Democrats he takes to maintain a patina of partisan fairness, Jon Stewart just criticized Joe Biden for referring to his Beretta shotgun.

To paraphrase: Gotcha! said Stewart. Everyone knows that a Beretta is handgun, dope! That would demonstrate the kind of out-of-touch east-coast liberal aloofness you might remember from, say, that time John Kerry ordered swiss cheese on his Philly cheesesteak. (Still, the Biden comments were bizarre.)

Uh, Jon? Beretta makes shotguns. Lots of ’em. Really nice ones, too. Semiautos, side-by-sides, over-unders. You name it. (Riggs is not the only fellow on staff here who knows a thing or two about firearms.)

Hey, you don’t even gotta be a gun guy to know this: Perhaps you saw that Sopranos episode where Tony got his father-in-law a Beretta shotgun only to have a snooty relative pooh-pooh the purchase? Classic!