WUSA has an article on its Web site addressing e-mailed rumors that you can’t wear campaign paraphernalia to the polls on election day. The rules actually differ depending on where you live in the DMV: Virginians can’t wear anything with a candidate’s name on it to the polls; voters in Maryland can, though poll workers can’t. The District has a strict ban:

Dan Murphy, with the DC Board of Elections and Ethics, tells 9NEWS NOW, this law was challenged back in 1998 and was upheld.

Murphy encourages all voters to play it safe and not wear the items. However, he adds, “If a voter does show up with something not allowed, they will be asked to remove it or cover it up. It will be November, so hopefully people will have coats.”

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit in the story? Maryland has a “Rumor Control” site addressing false statements about voting rights. What evil S.O.B. is telling people that they can’t vote if their home is in foreclosure?