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D.C. now has its own apartment therapy page. AT DC, which caters to hipsters looking for advice on where to buy Chip Cheery Food Storage Containers or how to sound proof a U street rental beset by a restaurant karaoke night came into being about two weeks ago.

Rachel Grad
, one of three District residents hired to write for AT DC, says business on the site is picking up. “We’ve had a lot of interest, both from readers and DC stores/services,” she writes in an e-mail. “It’s surprising and fun to see the comments to our posts.”

Their first client? A Northwest resident beleaguered by an ugly bathroom. Last Monday the resident wrote in:

Dear AT DC, I recently moved into an older condo building. The bathroom needs renovation but I can’t afford any major overhauls right now. My bathroom was probably last renovated in the 1980s and the sink pipe leaked and ruined the cabinet under the sink. I also can’t stand the tile stains that I can’t remove, no matter how much I scrub. Do you have any quick and inexpensive tips to help my bathroom? Please help!
—-New to Kalorama”

Responding to the decor problem Grad suggests:

For the sink cabinet, you can put a piece of plywood on the cabinet bottom and then cover it with a shelf liner…If generic household cleaners don’t work to clean your tile stains, try a commercial grout cleaner….We also suggest repainting the bathroom in your favorite bright color (semi-gloss paint is good in bathrooms). New accessories will also help your bathroom decor (new soap dish, candles, etc.)

Situation: handled. Crisis: averted.

—-Rend Smith