Last week, Todd Metrokin, whose brutal beating on Kalorama Road we wrote about, told City Desk police were close to making an arrest in his case. Today, via the Washington Blade, we learned one unnamed juvenile has been charged.

We also reported Metrokin has been involved in the re-forming of the advocacy group Gays and Lesbians Opposed to Violence. Chris Farris, who originally blogged about the attack on Metrokin and two of his friends on and is one of the organizers of GLOV, tells the Blade:

GLOV plans to follow the prosecution of the juvenile suspect arrested in the case and will look into the city’s juvenile laws, which prohibit the release of any information about criminal prosecution of juveniles. Under existing law, authorities cannot disclose whether a juvenile arrested in a crime is convicted of the crime and, if convicted, what sentence he or she receives from a juvenile court judge.

I have a message out to Metrokin and will update with his response.