Perusing the scanned documents from our parent company’s Chapter 11 case, I’m finding a lot of lingo I don’t totally understand (PDFs: Emergency Motion to Use Cash Collateral, Emergency Motion for Nunc Pro Tunc Authorization). But hey, here’s one I think I get: Notice of Deficient Filing.It appears that Ben Eason‘s bankruptcy papers were missing a few crucial details, like a statement of financial affairs and a list of creditors with a schedule of liabilities. Eason’s initial filing included a list of just the top 20 creditors (PDF: List of Creditors), and only one noted the amount owed: about $83,000 to the Fayetteville Publishing Co. Also missing, how much Eason’s attorney will get paid and a case management summary. If Eason doesn’t turn in the missing paperwork, the case could be dropped. I have a feeling that would be bad news for us all.

Actually, it looks like they did file a document showing how much the attorneys have already collected: a retainer of $185,000, a bit more than they told us we’d have to cut from the City Paper budget a while back.