DCist reports today that the relatively new and relatively hated why.i.hate.dc blogger has been fired. Did the Loaf purchase the blog? Nope.

It turns out the blogger, who we wrote about here and interviewed here, couldn’t find enough hate to produce enough blog posts. Hate monger Rusty explains:

Hello. Rusty here.

I tried e-mailing Liz to see what was up and I got no response. Which really was no surprise since she obviously gave up on this blog.

Just because I’m in a weird city like Columbus doesn’t mean that I still don’t hate DC. In fact, for some reason, mail being sent to me from the District isn’t getting to my apartment in Columbus. And what kind of mail should I be getting from DC? Why security deposits and paychecks of course! It might not be DC’s fault, but, come on, DC has always been a good scapegoat. Why stop now?

Well, as you probably have noticed, Liz didn’t work out. It was my mistake to select a writer instead of a blogger. Writers are awesome, but don’t necessarily want to write three times a week. We don’t need writers. We need bloggers.