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Last Sunday, the Redskins trumped trends, history, and conventional wisdom, with a victory over the hated Dallas Cowboys (“opening up the windows of heaven and letting God pour out his blessings“).

Was this a moment for gloating? Yes. Was this a moment to pump fists in your car as you listened to the locker-room interviews? Yes. Was this a moment to look deep into your friend’s eyes and allow yourself to wonder aloud if it’s time to start up some kind of Bandwagon? Yes.

Was this a moment to broadcast a racist remark about turban-wearers?

Well, no. That’s a violation of even extremeskins or sports-talk etiquette. As the Examiner reports (key parts bolded for your pleasure):

“A Metro operator’s Monday morning attempt to celebrate the Redskins’ win over the Dallas Cowboys offended riders who heard him equate turban-wearers with terrorists over the train’s loudspeaker system.

‘Don’t be afraid if you see a bunch of people wearing towels on their heads today,’ the Orange Line operator said to a train full of people, according to riders. ‘They’re not terrorists; they’re with the Dallas Cowboys. Go Redskins.'”

The Redskins may have the most racist name in all of sports. But fans need to comport themselves better! I love that the Examiner tries to explain the remark as something that just might be non-racist, non-offensive:

“Athletes whose teams are nearing defeat can often be seen throwing towels over their heads as they slump on the bench. But the allusion to the derogatory term ‘towelhead’ for people who wear turbans, and the implication that they are terrorists, offended at least two riders, who lodged complaints with Metro.”

Thanks to DCist for aggregating(!) this item.