And Now, Anacostia discovers a new deli may be opening soon off MLK Ave. This is huge news.

Frozen Tropics highlights the news that Fenty (and, well, DPW) are expanding their recycling program to include a lot more crap. According to the press release:

“Mayor Adrian Fenty announced that starting today Department of Public Works recycling collection crews will accept an expanded list of items for recycling, especially plastics. Now residents can recycle film plastics like grocery, produce, and dry cleaning bags, as well as aerosol cans and a variety of rigid plastic including plastic lawn furniture, toys and flower pots.”

Redskins Bandwagon confesses after the win at Philly:

It’s getting harder and harder to not get excited about the prospects of the bandwagon returning. 4-1, beating Dallas and Philly back-to-back on the road? Are you kidding me? We haven’t had a team this good since Gibbs I. We’re cruising through the toughest division in football by far. When is the last time you ever saw a Redskins head coach run up the middle out of shotgun on 4th and 2 with 2:30 left near midfield up by one score? Zorn is coaching like a banshee and the Skins are playing good old-fashioned smash mouth football, running for hundreds of yards against supposedly dominant defenses, pulling off Randel El trickeration and did I mention goal-line stands and 50 yard field goals to end halves?

I can hardly contain myself. Get excited with me. That’s my job, to make you believe.

New Columbia Heights writes on a shooting at the Boys and Girls Club at 14th and Chapin Streets NW.

Upset the Setup has some fighting words for the green party (I think).

Congress Heights on the Rise has a rundown of the recent ANC 8C meeting.

Must listen.

Must read: The New Yorker endorses.

Must Palin-related read.

Intangible Arts reports that Ruff & Ready Furnishing’s cat is missing.