Wondering what others were thinking as you muddled through the second presidential debate last night? Well, here’s your roundup in a roundup. Live blogs!

  • First and foremost, our very own Amanda Hess (or as she’s known a few clicks over, the Sexist) on City Desk
  • Next up, The Atlantic‘s Andrew Sullivan says Obama “wiped the floor” with McCain at his blog The Daily Dish
  • Patrick Gavin, over at FishbowlDC, calls McCain “a little bit bitchy” on post numero uno. 
  • The New York Times Katherine Seelye reports the event’s juicy bits: When Tom Brokaw got pissy. “’You’re in the way of my script there,’ Mr. Brokaw told [the candidates], and they jumped apart.” This was, ironically, the most unscripted and real moment of the entire debate. When Brokaw’s amusing and exciting, you know something is VERY wrong. 
  • Ah, Vanity Fair, I was just about to end my subscription, and then you had to suck me back in again. The most recent issue offers long-form journalism gold, particularly the story on Maria Bartiromo and Erin Burnett, apparently the only two people in the financial world that are currently at the top of their game. 
  • Also, if you can forget about City Paper‘s financial crisis for a moment, ponder the New York Times’extensive family tree, and just who—-if anyone?—-will play the Katharine Weymouth role in this family drama. 

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