Northern Virginia cartoonist Richard Thompson, whose strip Cul de Sac now runs daily in the Post (we’re patting ourselves on the back), has a must-read blog where he comments on some of his illustrations that get published. Today he has an interesting post on an illustration that didn’t get published. A little while back, Thompson writes, he was approached by the New Yorker to work something up for a Malcolm Gladwell review of an unnamed book about Goldman Sachs (this one maybe?)(Update: Thompson says that’s the book):

The book dealt with a long-time head of Goldman Sachs who’d grown up poor in a tough Brooklyn neighborhood and started at the firm as an assistant janitor while in his mid-teens. He’d gone on to be a titan of finance, deal-maker & adviser to presidents, and Gladwell’s take was that outsiders can often do things within the system that others can’t, and hence do well. One of his counter-intuitive pieces, and it was interesting.

Well, Wall Street looks different now, and the piece may now be too out-dated to run without a lot of revisions, which is too bad.

You can check out Thompson’s blog to see his now-unlikely-to-run illustration.