More reports from our roving eavesdropper:

*”I’m going to ancient Rome!”
– Homeless man, 16th and T NW

*”If you were going to be meeting your girlfriend, you’d do your hair and lipstick and go all out. But men really don’t care about all that.”
-Patron at Jolt and Bolt, 18th and T NW

*”Caroline is nice to a lot of people, but she only has a few friends. She doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. If she just would’ve been like, “I’m gonna sit on your face,” everything would’ve been fine. But she just doesn’t care.”…

“And now every time I see him and he tries to give me a high five or shake my hand, I’m like, ‘Eww, no, thank you.”…

“They were like, two girls who were a couple, and they were like, thirty-four. It made me really uncomfortable. I wanted to get out of there.”
-Two sorority types, Jolt and Bolt

Franklin Schneider