You know how in pretty much every Will Smith movie there’s an early scene where he and his beautiful family get ready for the day, and they’re in their beautiful kitchen cracking jokes and grabbing juice and ignoring the radio, on which an announcer is droning on about all sorts of ominous developments in the world?

Except for the beautiful kitchen part, my morning routine of late has become much like a Will Smith movie. Because, geez, the stock market. And the Redskins are winning. And people are eating cats!

But you know, in every downturn (or calamity) there are people who figure out how to make money off of the sadness of others. These people are generally feted when times improve. So here’s a tip for you would-be bloodsuckers out there: Iceland.

The country’s currency, the krona, is worth almost half of what it was a year ago. That means that you can stay at a three-star or better hotel in the heart of Reykjavik for about $110/night. The “Icelandic fish menu” at celebrated restaurant Laekjarbrekku will run you about $55/person. And entrance fees at the Blue Lagoon spa are now a very reasonable $19.77 (might as well rent a robe for $7.70 more). Remember what it used to be like to go to Canada? This may be your last chance to feel that giddy for a while overseas.

Plus, forget about the baggage that comes with scooping up “distressed” properties: Iceland really needs you to come! Plus the knitwear is really nice; you should totally get some of that when you’re there. Just not a sweater if you’re a guy (cautionary tale here) unless you have an Amish beard, a Turbonegro tattoo, and a healthy gut. Then you can get away with it.

Photo by Flickr user JAANY

*Not literally; projected high tomorrow is 48 degrees