Inspired by Josh Brolin‘s upcoming turn as George W. Bush, WTOP’s Mark Segraves casts D.C.: the Movie:

Marion Barry = Don Cheadle
Tony Williams = Russell Simmons
Linda Cropp = Star Jones (“she’ll need to get that gastric bypass reversed”—-ouch)
Adrian Fenty = James Blake
Charles Ramsey = Morgan Freeman + 50 pounds
Cathy Lanier = Hillary Swank
Jack Evans = James Cromwell
Eleanor Holmes Norton = Cicely Tyson
Carol Schwartz = Bea Arthur

Any other ideas, folks? I mean, you gotta fill out the council for that blockbuster ballpark negotiations scene! How bout Rob Corddry as David Catania? Austin Pendleton as Jim Graham? Anybody out there got a good choice for Phil Mendelson? Oh, and Ben Kingsley definitely needs to reprise his Gandhi turn as Nat.