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Following yesterday’s pathetic loss to the lowly Rams, a poster on Extremeskins.com writes:

A few of my friends and I had bad omens happen to us. I laughed them off at first but there’s no ignoring them after the fact we loss a game we should have won.

First example, My good friend and fellow Skins fan, who lives in Colorado sent a mass email Saturday night saying, a long haired sheep (ram) jumped out in front of his car and almost killed him and we shouldn’t take this game lightly.

He sent the email to the same 20 or so friends as we do every week. We talk about the game pre and post. Most of us laughed it off.
I was glad he was okay. But I told him the ram wanted to be put out of his misery. Jokes on me.

Then, as I do every week, I nerd out and simulate the game on Madden. I always play as the Skins and play next weeks opponent. I got the game around week two and have won against the computer on the first try every time, not against the Rams. I lost 4 in a row. I had to turn down the difficulty but I knew I was cheating myself.

So question is, anybody else have any bad signs?