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Upset the Setup comes out against Columbus Day! (I know it’s late, but the man quotes Head-Roc).

Intangible Arts spots some bricks for Obama!

Mr. T in DC takes a day trip to Leesburg (My vote for worst town in VA—a wickedly conservative and rich-dude deadzone of frilly boutiques and middle-brow restaurants; it makes Alexandria seem hip). Mr. T writes:

“The fun game of the day was keeping track of Obama versus McCain bumper stickers and yard signs on our trek into Virginia. Surprisingly, this election cycle finds Virginia a swing state rather than a solid red state as usual, and here in DC, we’re being bombarded with campaign ads aimed at Northern Virginia. The results of our informal survey are as follows: on the highways, 66 and the Dulles Greenway, Obama bumper stickers outnumbered McCain bumper stickers by an astonishing 10 to 1. Once we left the highway and took to the secondary roads, on the fringes of the exurbs, McCain yard signs predominated. Some landowners put up huge (6′ x 8′?) McCain/Palin signs which must have cost a fortune.”

TPM finds the latest McCain crazy:

On Washingtonian’s blog, DC Metrocentric Dude answers the perennial question—which transitional neighborhood is worth buying into? “It’s a tossup between Anacostia and Petworth. Both areas are undergoing major demographic changes, but the sheer volume of great-looking older houses that can be had for a bargain, combined with the many new neighborhood amenities currently being built make both places attractive right now.” Dude couldn’t have sounded more like a vampire. OK. Maybe a little more.

Pop Cesspool goes down with a thumb injury.

D.C. Foodies explain that lobster prices may be falling. So learn how to grill them and buy them: “With visions of grilled lobster dancing in my head, I headed down to the wharf on Main Avenue. If you’ve never wandered down there, you’ve been missing out. Even vegetarians can fall in love with the hustle and bustle of the open-air seafood market. True, the boats that the fish mongers work on haven’t left the dock in decades, but the place looks, sounds and smells authentic.”

A must read.