Dear Readers (and Ernest),

In an effort to bring City Paper customers more, more, more, [more quality journalism!] despite our dwindling resources (and mounting depression), Amanda Hess and Yours Truly bring you “Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back,” in which the two of us (and Intern Bobby) talk politics and sex, sex, sex! Please make your way over to The Sexist blog for a look/listen (and catch it again next Tuesday!)

Feel free to hate on it or love it in the comments section (as if any of you were waiting for permission). We’re even open to ideas on how we can make it better. We will disregard blatantly cruel or stupid comments, unless we decide to incorporate them into an untitled section where we hate on people for being blatantly stupid and cruel.

*Originally titled “Four Minutes You’ll Never Get Back,” but Hess and I could not stop talking. (Psst, that’s how you know it’s good!)