I’m not sure I buy the thesis of today’s Post story on how the post Gen-X generation is doing good instead of making money. They don’t have any comparative stats to prove their claim, other than the number of new business school programs in “social entrepreneurship,” which proves only that someone is profiting from this supposed trend. Plus, I just don’t believe that compared to every other generation of young Americans, we are more interested in dedicating our lives to righteousness. What about all our parents and grandparents who dropped out to protest against war and for civil rights?

If anything is new it’s the fact that kids these days are trying to make a buck off their altruism.  That’s probably not new either. The Whole Earth Catalog made money before it failed. And the Free People’s Store in 1970s Philly, where the hippie proprietors had a free bin for people who couldn’t afford their cheap tie-dyed t-shirts, morphed into a $700 million retail giant, Urban Outfitters, which now makes big donations to conservative causes.