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“‘Me gusto’ is Spanish for ‘you’re hungry'”
-One teenager to another teenager, 7-11 on Rhode Island 7th NW.

“It’s totally disgusting. It’s not even dairy. It has every bad thing you’re not supposed to eat. It has trans-fat, corn syrup, and partially hydrogenated oil. I ate like half the tub in one sitting, I just ate it with a spoon.”
-guy to girl browsing the aisles at Blockbuster on 17th and P NW.

“Yo, she’s rocking that LeBron jersey. That’s your type of girl. She’s really rocking that LeBron jersey. You like that, don’t you? (Pause.) Oh shit, I don’t think that’s a girl.”
– one guy to another, smoking in front of the Black Cat

“It all depends if they make you pee or do your hair.”
– one guy to another, 18th Street NW

Franklin Schneider