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CBS just releases their snap poll. Obama crushes.

T. Coates crushes with this conclusion: “That was a great job moderating. I think Obama had it—not by much, but he had it. I think John McCain just looked petty for much of the debate. It ain’t his year.”

Wolf Blitzer is still annoying.

TPM asks: “John McCain keeps talking about not spreading around the wealth. But what’s having the government buy everybody’s mortgage at over-market prices to keep their net worth up?”

CBS reports: Joe the Plumber still undecided!

Slate‘s Twitter: “I think it’s fair to say that Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama had the same chances to succeed in life, no?”

Loose Lips reports out DCPS’ weird moment in tonight’s debate!

Update 11:25 p.m.: What should John McCain do next? “Beats the hell out of me” — David Gergen on CNN.