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Just when you thought it was over: Another Redskins personnel story by Jason La Canfora, another no-comment by Vinny Cerrato.

Readers only had to get to the third paragraph of Jason’s primer (co-written by Barry Svrluga) in yesterday’s Washington Post on all the new Seahawks coming to town before the beat writer let everybody know DJ Vinny is talking to everybody but him.

Vinny Cerrato, the Redskins’ executive vice president for football operations,” the story went, “declined to comment on the moves.”™ 

This latest, um, flareup in the feud comes after a relative cease-fire period, which followed Vinny going on the air to call Jason unprofessional and devious and Jason calling Vinny a liar in emails to readers. 

So how long can Jason vs. Vinny go on?

Well, by next season, if not sooner, we’ll see that this beat ain’t big enough for the both of ’em.

Speaking of no-shows: today’s sports section has a big advertisement for a Post promotion called “Chalk Talk.” The event invites all comers to the paper’s 15th St. NW headquarters next Thursday for a two-hour chat with “the Washington Post’s football writers and editors” to talk “football, football and more football.” 

“If you’ve wanted to meet the people behind the words, this event is for you,” reads the ad copy.

Well, judging from the banter at Post-hater Dan Snyder’s Extremskins message board and Post-hater Vinny’s radio show and Post-hater Larry Michael’s TV show, if there’s any media type that fans want to share quality time with, it’s Jason.

So why isn’t his name among the six Post football writers and editors scheduled to appear at the event?

Must be a scheduling conflict.

But, according to the ad, in lieu of Jason, those who show up will get “Great food!”

Even Vinny, the guy who gave up a third and a fourth rounder for Brandon Lloyd, can spot that as a fair trade.