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Some poor kid in Kentucky wrote a story about zombies taking over a high school. Then his grandparents found the manuscript, realized the boy was probably planning to blow up his school and turned him in to police. Now he’s sitting in jail facing felony charges.

NYU economist goes off on Nick Denton. Nouriel Roubini may have predicted the recent economic crash, but his rant, though spirited, makes little sense. He calls Denton an anti-semite with a “Nazi mind and and a McCarthist Bigot.”

Hee hee. Joe the Plumbre.

Dog poo supports McCain.

Prince William County busy pumping up a mini bubble with a home-buying spree. Real estate’s still booming in Brrooklyn, too.

The Prince of Petworth finds a new business, a cooking school called CulinAerie. Spelling is no longer cool.