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…who surely told him that some faux-sulking over a Saturday Night Live skit — followed by an I-can-take-a-joke appearance — could only boost the box office of Wahlberg’s new video-game-turned-movie, Max Payne.

It worked, at least if you consider besting Beverly Hills Chihuahua and bringing in a meager $18 mil a success.

As randomly funny and dead-on as the offending sketch, Andy Samberg’s “Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals,” was, it’s a little less amusing now that it’s got the stench of a PR stunt attached. Walhberg whined about being parodied, responding with the bombshell that SNL “hasn’t been funny in a long time.”

But then he showed up to confront his whore this past week, the tie-in now clear. As well as the fact that Marky Mark should probably just stick to drama: