Hank Williams Jr. won’t end up measuring up to his old man (think “Are You Ready for Some Football” vs. “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”).

But there’s no shame there. And for all his bozoness, Hank Jr. has put out some worthy tunes. Alas, he butchered one of his best a couple weeks ago, wearing a Cornelius Griffin Redskins jersey as he garbled through a version of his fabulous “Family Tradition” that he’d reworked to plug John McCain and Sarah Palin for a rally in Virginia.

But the routine got the McCain/Palin ticket, and Hank Jr., more attention than they’re used to lately.

So Williams was back it during the radio broadcast of the Redskins/Browns game, starring in a campaign commercial that had him asking fans who loved god and guns, not necessarily in that order, to support McCain’s presidential bid.

He sounded really dumb.

Now Williams has produced an anti-Obama “PSA” for his website that keeps his dumbass streak going. If you like the spot, however, you can show your support by buying the official Hank Jr. leather confederate flag jacket for $659.99.

Obama, meanwhile, has Virginia’s own Ralph Stanley in his corner.