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Dan Snyder’s ahead-of-the-financial-collapse-curve theme park chain, Six Flags, really knows how to scare a guy. And injure a gal!

Snyder’s outfit has kicked off its annual Frightfest™ promotion for the Halloween season.

The horror got real real fast at the Six Flags Great America outpost in Illinois. That’s where a park employee in a werewolf costume and on stilts got wobbly and then came flying through a plate glass window and into an ice cream parlor.

A female patron in the parlor suffered facial cuts from the flying glass. Litigation to come.

“The werewolf was not injured,” reports the Chicago Tribune.


Speaking of scary falls: Six Flags stock (SIX) traded for 31 cents a share this morning.

That’s down from its $11.93 per share selling price in early 2006, not long after Snyder took over the company by leading a stockholder revolt by leveling charges that Six Flags’ stock was undervalued.

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