The Atlantic is trying to figure out if Palin’s $150,000 clothing haul from RNC donations was even legal. They dig through election regs and find at least one mention of where such an expenditure does not fall within legal guidelines. Check it out, here.

I just think this whole mini-scandal goes to the larger Palin narrative. She lied about the Bridge to Nowhere. She hyped that pipeline that may never get built. She preached good governance in the face of that troopergate scandal. She claims repeatedly to not run with the Washington crowd and yet spent a lot of time wooing the Washington crowd as mayor and governor as the New Yorker reports.

Yes, Palin is utterly not qualified to be President. But she’s also a phony.

One gets the sense that she’s simply playing tourist, loving every minute of her short ride: the touring of Ground Zero, the inane SNL cameo, the free clothes and free trips to various battleground states. Palin has taken all this in without an ounce of introspection. Her thoughts are only bumper-sticker deep. For $150,000 in clothes, I would expect a little more than platitudes.