Credit is tight, tempers are flaring, and times are bad. Here are some tools from people-in-the-know on how to cope:

-From (“where spare time goes to die”) comes Kill Thy Neighbor, which allows players to “Solve the housing crisis by destroying your neighbor’s.” Play as Tapioca Phil (the homeless guy), Nadine (the trailer park momma), G.I. Jenkins (retiree on the verge of homelessness), or Bill (the guy who has it all). The object is to blast your opponents abode with various objects.

-The LifeQuake Doctor, aka, Dr. Toni Galardi, is a self-described “expert on change.” Her “RX for the real bailout” is short on economics and long on pop-psychobabble, but it sure is fun reading.

-Janice Taylor over at Huffington Post advises stressed consumers to “say NO to the emotional eating bailout.”

Commenters: any other thoughts on how to deal with the bailout?