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* The Washington Post on the search for a Fairfax police officer who went missing in the waters of Pohick Bay on Tuesday. Second Lieutenant Francis J. Stecco “had volunteered to play the role of a “victim” during a training session for a helicopter water rescue, though he was not a member of the dive team.”

* Attention Adobe Photoshop Elements 7: Do not fuck with Mr. T in D.C.

* Frozen Tropics updates you on recent homicide arrests North of Capitol Hill.

* Hookupmaps charts craigslist casual encounters on google maps. Logan Circle is bumpin’!

* And in this newspaper:

Jason Cherkis on D.C.’s greatest unknown music legend, Mingering Mike. Check out Mike’s special introduction and the making of a love-song collaboration between Jason and Mike.

– Mixtec’s new Mexican-Italian take-out gets the Tim Carman treatment.

Dave McKenna on why high-school homecoming is for nerds.

– In Loose Lips, at-large council candidate Michael Brown robo-calls the wrong guy.

– Why the death of Tony Hunter‘s remains “unofficial.”

Photo by NCinDC.