Many of you City Desk readers, like LL, are probably fans of the Colbert Report, and many of you City Desk readers, like LL, probably pay through the nose for digital cable or some other television package with a channel-guide feature.

So LL is guessing that at least some of you were curious about why schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee was listed on Comcast’s channel guide as a Colbert guest last night, even though she didn’t actually appear on the show. Viewers were instead treated to hand-wringing conservative David Frum!

“Sorry to be a tease,” e-mails Rhee spokesperson Dena Iverson, “we ended up not being able to make the schedule work.”

That’s not to say Rhee won’t be augmenting her national TV portfolio (News Hour With Jim Lehrer, The Charlie Rose Show) sometime soon.

“Maybe we’ll get to go on another time,” Iverson says.