More proof that horse racing coverage is in the toidy: John Scheinman, who covers the track for the Washington Post, has been spending the week writing up the Washington International Horse Show, which is being held this week at Verizon Center.

In a perfect world, or at least the pre-2008 world, he’d be at Santa Anita, where the Breeders Cup, the biggest weekend in the sport, will be running beginning Friday. Local horse Heros Reward and trainer Dale Capuano are in the $1 Million Turf Sprint.

Show horses and horse racing have nothing in common, other than the number of legs the competitors have. Also, while the racetrack draws assholes from every economic spectrum, horse shows only attract really rich assholes.

And, biggest difference of all, you can’t bet an exacta at the horse show.

Though, knowing Scheinman, he’s probably trying to work up some action for the nightly terrier races.