Chicago Tribune has an interview with Palin. The Veep nominee says this: “If people only knew how frugal we are.”

New Columbia Heights asks: Know any brothels in the Hood?

And Now, Anacostia reports that Big Chair Coffee is close to opening its doors. This is just one more bit of good news coming out of Anacostia—stuff this blogger is always on top of! And they have the perfect line among all the pictures: “it’s just nice seeing the word restaurant.”

Metrocurean has a confession: It loves ginger. This means a piece on a new ginger-flavored booze: “Of my absolute favorite flavors, ginger ranks right near the top. So I was eager to learn more about Domaine de Canton, a new ginger liqueur, at its DC launch dinner at Central this week.”

D.C. Foodies has some fightin’ words: “Yeah, Mr. Smarty McHealthypants! There is nothing wrong with high fructose corn syrup; its made from F@$#ing CORN for Christ’s sake! All natural and all American! What you got to say to that? Yeah, that’s what I thought… Eat your popsicle, commie. But seriously, what the hell?” Yeah. Seriously.

WTOP is reporting that someone painted “Scam” on a road in front of a speed camera in MOCO:

There have been at least two other instances where the words ‘GREEDY SCAM’ and ‘GOV. SCAM’ have been written in large letters on Montgomery County roads, directly in front of fixed speed cameras.

Speed cameras have been in use in the county since May 2007. If a driver goes more than 10 miles per hour over the posted the speed limit, a picture of the license plate is taken and a $40 fine is sent in the mail.

The Montgomery County police department maintains it is not trying to catch drivers off guard, just slow them down.”

Pop Cesspool is feelin’ angry too: “Dear Tampa Bay Rays fans: Your stadium is shit. We Philly fans know all about shit stadiums. Yours is one. We don’t have one anymore. I hate looking at the roof of your stadium, but I can’t stop thinking about it, either.” Awesome collage if you click on the link.

TPM notes a former Bush Spokesperson says he is now voting for Obama.

*photo from Mingering story.