I am obsessed with the election. There’s no getting around it. One editor has barred me from talking politics (i.e. “Palin”) in her cube. Instead, I’ve begun to cherish being able to “talk it out” with our Listings Expert/Angry Wonk Mike Riggs. At home, I’ve started watching reruns of Hardball, Countdown, and the beloved Rachel Maddow. The Washington Post columnist opened his column today with this:

“In a week and a half, it’ll be over. What will we do to fill the void in our lives?

Opinion surveys, voter registration totals and cable television ratings indicate that Americans have been engrossed by the marathon presidential campaign. That’s no surprise, given the first-in-history nature of the candidacies, the host of crucial problems we face and the sense that the outcome may determine the course — and the prospects — of our nation for many years to come.

But there’s a fine line between being engrossed and being obsessed, and many of us have crossed it.”