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When this blog was starting up, Erik Wemple put together a taxonomy of worthwhile blog posts. At the bottom was something along the lines of “What I had for breakfast” (I can’t find the original e-mail.)

Since then, expectations have been lowered in many parts of this organization, so I feel comfortable blogging my awesome $5 lunch. Every Friday and Saturday at that little mini-park at the triangle between Champlain Street NW, Euclid Street NW, and Columbia Road NW, there’s a food fair with vendors selling all kinds of great stuff; I like the taquitos (apparently not a 7-Eleven invention; who knew?) and empanadas from the vendor at the park’s southeastern corner.

Price includes yucca, two kinds of salsa, and cheese. I may be blogging on the lowest rung of blogdom but I’m very, very happy.