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Cool, weird, and nerdy all over:

-The new (and totally NSFW) episode of Superjail! is live at Adultswim.com, in which David Wain (of Stella) proves that it’s possible to twist The Silence of the Lambs into something funny.

Coolest tattoo of the week is also one that’s not likely to hold its ink. (courtesy of modblog.bmezine.com).

-Sony has announced that it’s delaying the release of Little Big Planet (pictured right) in order to remove music that might be offensive to Muslims. More on LBP here. Funny LBP comic from Penny Arcade here.

-The new issue of Freak Angels, Warren Ellis’ well-told/rendered (free) Online comic book, came out today. For fans of FA and other comic books on the Web (because there is a difference between those and regular ole’ web comics), BoingBoing recommends Time Management for Anarchists (pdf).

-The DC Anime Club is screening Bleach (the movie) tonight at the Embassy of Japan. As far as anime films go, Bleach is the nexus where accessibility meets authenticity. (And it makes for great “high times” viewing). FREE. 6:30 p.m. III Lafayette Center (Mall Level), 1155 21st St NW. (202) 238-6949.