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Gabe Klein, co-founder of On the Fly, says his company ain’t waitin’ around to see if the D.C. Council loosens the vise-like regulations that have been choking street vendors. He’s waited long enough to see if the city’s climate will change for the better for mobile food vendors, so he’s moving ahead with plans to improve our pathetic street snacks without the District’s help.

Klein can’t provide a ton of detail at this point, other than to say that On the Fly, is “really expanding, on a lot of fronts.” The expansion will include more of On the Fly’s land-locked Smartkafes, which can already be found at Results, The Gym, on Capitol Hill and at the Farragut North Metro station. Admittedly, those operations ain’t gonna improve our curb-side snackage one bit, but Klein’s plans also include more of the grasshopper-like carts that hawk a far more diverse array of foods—-from tacos to gazpacho to barbecue—-than the tin cans that currently dot our streets. Look for more of those green carts on school campuses, in Arlington, and along the Mall, where On the Fly has been conducting a pilot program. On the Fly is close to announcing a deal with the feds to keep those snacks flowing for tourists and locals alike.

More as we know it.