Over at Tommy Wells’ “Tommy Blog,” the councilmember’s staff—I presume—offers some “Election Day Survival Tips.” It kinda slights the “tips” promised in the headline but does offer helpful phone numbers if you got issues on election day. And it has a good rundown of your rights!

And Now, Anacostia offers up all the info you’ll need to know about tomorrow’s Retail/Restaurant Recruitment Fair at the Anacostia Gateway Building.

Penn Quarter Living offers a Ward 6/ANC 6C Race voter guide. Awesome. Not really. Blogger being a blogger provides mere links! I want to know about these candidates for ANC 6C. Oh well.

Princess Sparkle Pony has fun with John McCain and photoshop or at least finds a funny picture. But this set from the Princess is better.

Dish-Trict offers up a quick meal—gnocchi: “Ok, I know when you want to throw together a quick meal, your first thought isn’t, “Hey, I think I’ll make pasta from scratch!” But hear me out. All you need is a potato, an egg and a little flour, and in about 20 minutes you too can be enjoying your own fresh little pillows of heaven.”

Coates on some jerk going way too far with his/her hatred of Sarah Palin.

14th & You provides a solid update on the on-going re-development of the Dakota Cowgirl space.

*photo by 7194KK found on our Neighborhood Flickr page.