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I remember when thumb wrestling was taken seriously. It was something you played on long car rides, as you waited for a movie to start, etc. It was something you did when you were bored. It was something the slight, the skinny, the uncoordinated could do and still have a legit shot at winning. As I got older, the “game” got more complicated, we’d throw in new moves/new weapons like “The Snake” and “The Turtle.” (the Turtle was totally unfair and a game killer; if you played the Turtle move you automatically had to apologize and start the game over—this did not stop us from playing the Turtle at all).

Thumb wrestling isn’t a sport. But that doesn’t mean it’s not sacred. Now, Prince of Petworth is reporting that the Big Hunt is hosting a thumb-wresting tournament for a worthy cause. It’s tonight.

I only worry that thumb-wrestling will become the latest game to be played ironically. First kickball. Then ping pong. Is thumb wrestling next?