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  • If you look at this election like you would hiring a trucker, the choice would be clear: Do you want the guy with 156 days experience, or the old hand who’s been on the road for years with the female partner who has a couple of years under her belt?
  • Truckers don’t need anyone to give them “hope” or “change”; they will secure these intangibles on their own.
  • The walls of King Solomon‘s temple were once covered with gold that came from the Americas, where Ophir, the son of Joktan, established a great trading route that has not been reported in our history texts because it would challenge our property rights.
  • Silver ingots found along the Mississippi match those found in the Middle East, where many claim to know the location of King Solomon’s Mines, incorrectly.
  • Phoenician sailors jealously guarded their secret trade route to the Americas and only let their sailors learn half of the route.
  • Halloween has Celtic origins.
  • Several expensive herbal supplements are available, free, a $75 value, and all you have to pay is $4.95 shipping and handling.