Only morons and those beholden to the food and hospitality biz would oppose having restaurants of any sort disclose their calorie counts. I mean, come on. More speech, more info, more freedom!

But really, the solution to all these calorie and obesity problems is simpler than anything that a government agency could concoct. Cook your own meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner: 21 times a week, you gotta eat stuff straight out of your own kitchen. Eat that turkey sandwich with no mayo and no cheese seven days a week. Carrots and fruit: Binge city. Make sure that breakfast and lunch are merely fuel events, meals that don’t necessarily taste so good, but provide the energy to get you through the day. Dinner, under my rules, is allowed to taste a little better.

You say you have no time to cook? I say you’re lame and prone to excusism. Just grab something and make a meal. Nine times out of ten, it won’t be nearly as bad for you as anything you may purchase at a restaurant. Those places throw oil and salt and lard and butter around like…well, like, with reckless abandon.

Use your kitchen—that’s why you have it.