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I’ve heard people don’t trust publicists. Weird thing, I know. But people don’t even seem to trust the people, either, given that they still invest a ton of time reading, absorbing, and responding to professional food critics (for which I’m eternally grateful, believe me) instead of trusting the opinions of all those bloggers out there or, God forbid, the Zagat guide.

Well, I’m a populist who happens to have an elitist job. I believe everyone has a handful of favorite restaurants that they visit with the kind of obsessive frequency that Eliot Spitzer visited the Mayflower Hotel. I want to know about them. I want a list of the three restaurants in the D.C. area for which you would risk your reputation. I want to know the three restaurants that you’d shill for without losing sleep at night. I want to know the three restaurants that, even if the owners were foul-mouthed assholes who don’t pay their vendors on time, you’d still carry their water. But I also want to know the reasons—-in loving detail—-why you’d serve as their pitchman (or woman).

Now, DO NOT GIVE ME YOUR LIST IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. Please don’t make me shout that again. Instead, e-mail them to me at tcarman@washingtoncitypaper.com. I will publish your Top 3 lists as they come in. Send me a picture, if you’d like. With any luck, we’ll compile a heady list of hidden gems or get a consensus on the best restaurants in the region.

Send me your picks now!